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     Worship Committee      


Chair: Jason Reed

The Worship Committee takes care of a large piece of the life of the church – some of which we see and some of which we don’t.

The Worship Committee is responsible for what happens in the sanctuary: the decorations for special seasons, banners and flowers, and the like.

A lot of what happens on Sunday mornings falls to the Worship Committee. Making sure we have bulletins, and enough Bibles and hymnals that are used for service are all part of what they do.

For the service itself, they plan the order of worship, including Communion celebrations and special services like Good Friday, Thanksgiving, Lent, and Christmas Eve.

The Worship Committee tries to support the music program both in its planning and making sure we have the resources needed for music, like keeping the instruments up, guest musicians and vocalists, and the like.

One of their most important responsibilities is to assist in finding someone to preach when the Pastor is on vacation or study leave. Also, it’s often a Worship Committee member who will greet that replacement and help them on Sunday morning.

The Worship Committee generally meets once a month to work on coordination of these things with assistance from Pastor, our music director and musician, several current elders, and anyone from the congregation who might be willing to think creatively for our worship.

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