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     Buildings and Grounds    

Chair: Terri Rudzitis

The B&G Committee may be the busiest working committee the church has.  Their responsibilities run from taking care of routine maintenance (light bulbs, fix-it projects, etc.) to making sure that the lawn is cut and the snow plowed. Even those projects aren’t as easy as they seem (have you seen where some of the lights are in the church ceilings?).

Equipment breaks and needs repair, insurance quotes are gathered to make sure we are covered, furnaces need cleaning and upkeep, snow fences are put up and taken down, flowers are planted for the warmer months.


They also make sure that the air conditioning window units are put in place and removed each summer season. All these things – and more –fall to B&G to keep track of.


Plus, they don’t just take care of the church building and the church garage-shed. They also take care of the church manse (where Pastor lives) and make sure it is kept up as well. That’s a bigger job now too – even though, to some, it’s the so-called “new manse,” built in 1977; the house is now 47 years old.

Then there are all the surprises that an older building can throw at you from leaks in the kitchen basement …..and the list goes on. Yet the folks of B&G come together once a month to see what projects there might be and what things they might need to plan for down the road. And, despite all of us – at some time or another – asking one of the committee members, “Hey, could B&G do….” they respond with good humor and really try hard to keep everything running around here.

If you would like to help out and work with your hands and minds, the B&G Committee is as good as it comes. They meet on a Tuesday almost every month. They are easy to find – just follow the sounds of the laughter.

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