Member Care    

Chair: Holly Wendzik


One of the unsung but wonderful committees of our church is the Member Care  Committee. Member Care is a special group of caring people in our congregation who try to do exactly what the name of the committee says – care of the members of the church.
They do this in a variety of ways. Several of them send out cards to those who are sick or grieving or make calls. Others keep in touch with those who we may not have seen in a while.  And, of course, they provide the Cookie Baskets at Christmastime to our shut-in members or close family of church members. These treats are always, always appreciated.
In addition, Member Care arranges breakfast for Easter morning, including  coming in the day before to get all the fruit cut and everything ready. That’s a lot of great work that they do. Plus, all year long, various members make sure that our kitchen supplies of cups, plates, juice, napkins, coffee, etc are all kept up.
Speaking of coffee, that’s a good reminder about what is probably the best known thing Member Care does: Sunday morning Coffee Hour with the doughnuts!  Yes, Member Care Committee arranges for the doughnuts to be here each Sunday and makes sure that our donations keep the cost of the doughnuts covered. With the extra donations, they often help with children’s sermon items for Pastor.
Member Care usually meets on the 2nd Sunday of each month at 11:00am.  If you can’t make the meeting, but would still like to help with some of  the Member Care activities, just let any Member Care member or Pastor know. A wonderfully fun and active group!