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Happy 155th Birthday
First Presbyterian Church of Taymouth

Taymouth Church celebrated their 155th Birthday on October 29, 2023. 

To commemorate this Birthday, we are asking that if you have any old pictures of the church, its grounds, a special event, or your favorite memory; to share it with us.

We noticed going through our photo albums that we don't have many pictures before the early 1970's. If anyone has any they can share from before that time it would be greatly appreciated.


However, any photos you wish to share are greatly appreciated.

Photos can be scanned and sent in, or you can bring them to the church during regular office hours and they can be scanned at that time. We do not want to keep originals, just make a digital copy.

Thank you for your help preserving our history.


Please continue to send in your pictures, as this will run until the end of 2023.

Photo Campaign.jpg

First Presbyterian Church of Taymouth

Horizontal picture of taymouth church from west entrance in summer

Church Service Starts at 9:30 a.m. every Sunday morning.

We are the First Presbyterian Church of Taymouth. We are the little church in the cornfield, located in Birch Run, half a mile south of the Taymouth fire hall.

We are waiting to share the message of Jesus with all who would listen. 

Visit our Lending Library
Built in Fall 2021 by Pete McClure, this library is "Food for the Soul".


Located in the front of our church, it has books for all ages. Take a book, leave a book, keep a book.

It's Taymouth Presbyterian Church's outreach for the community. Please visit the Library to see what is available.


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To submit a prayer request, please either use this entry form, call the church, or email the church. Thank you.

Please check the boxes if you would like for your request to be read on Sunday or called into the Prayer Circle.

Want to know what is happening? 

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