First Presbyterian Church of Taymouth

Due to COVID-19, In-person Church Services have been suspended until FEBRUARy 7th

We are the First Presbyterian Church of Taymouth. We are the little church in the cornfield, half a mile south of the Taymouth fire hall, that is waiting to share the message of Jesus with all who would listen. 

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Every Sunday at 9:30 a.m. we livestream our services to YouTube and Facebook for people to watch from home. Click the video to check out this week's sermon!

For this week's Bulletin and Taymouth Happenings please click on the link below.

Our Christmas Eve Events

We will be having two events on Christmas Eve, one virtual and one in-person.

5 P.M. We will be live-streaming our Christmas Eve Service, similarly to how we do on Sundays. Sadly, there won't be any in-person viewing options this year.


8 P.M.  We will be having an in-person bonfire at our church. There will be Holy Communion, Caroling, and Scripture Reading. We hope to see you there!


To submit a prayer request, please either use this entry form, call the church, or email the church. Thank you.

Please check the boxes if you would like for your request to be read on Sunday or called into the Prayer Circle.

Pastor Scott's Letter to the Congregation

With our church now going into it's second shutdown in this winter season. Pastor Scott has written a letter to the congregation detailing this desision and the livestreaming. This letter was mailed out on  Novemeber 20, 2020.


 Please click the link below to view the letter.

We've Been Featured

Becasue of our work with 'One Great Hour of Sharing' this past month. There's  a great article on the Presbyterian Mission Agency (PMA) website about Special Offerings that features our own Birch Run-Taymouth, Pastor Scott, and Elder Kathy Maurer. 


"If we all give a little — a cup of coffee a couple of times a week — together we can make an impact. That is what it means to be the connectional church." - Kathy Maurer, elder at Taymouth Presbyterian Church in Birch Run, Michigan, and Presbyterian Mission Agency Board

Acknowledging the collective impact small gifts can make, small church designates October to support One Great Hour of Sharing. If there can be Christmas in July, why not Easter in October? Or Palm Sunday, for that matter?

Reconfiguring the traditional and liturgical calendar was precisely what the First Presbyterian Church of Taymouth in Birch Run, Michigan, did after Bonnie Pratt, who chairs the church’s Mission Committee, originally approached the session back in February 2020. Pratt’s proposal that the congregation receive One Great Hour of Sharing during Lent ended up being sidelined. That is, until now. 

Want to know what is happening? 


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