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The  B&G Committee may be the busiest working committee the church has.  Their responsibilities run from taking care of routine maintenance (light bulbs, fix-it projects, etc.) to making sure  that the lawn is cut and the snow plowed. Even those projects aren’t as easy as they seem (have you seen where some of the lights are in the church ceilings?).  Equipment breaks and needs repair, insurance quotes are gathered to make sure we are covered, furnaces need cleaning and upkeep, snow fences are put up and taken down, flowers are planted  for the warmer months. They also make sure that the air conditioning window units are put in place and removed each summer season. All these things – and more –fall to B&G to keep track of.


Plus, they don’t just take care of the church building and the church  garage-shed. They also take care of the church manse (where Pastor lives) and make sure it is kept up as well. That’s a bigger job now too – even  though, to some, it’s the so-called “new manse,” the house is now 35 years old.


Then there are all the surprises that an older building can throw at you from leaks  in the kitchen basement …..and the list goes on. Yet the folks of B&G come together once a month to see what projects there might be and what things they  might need to plan for down the road. And, despite all of us – at some time or another – asking one of the committee members, “Hey, could B&G do….” they respond with good humor and really try hard to keep everything running around  here.


If  you would like to help out and work with your hands and minds, the B&G  Committee is as good as it comes. They meet on the first Tuesday of almost every month. They are easy to find – just follow the sounds of the  laughter.


To get an idea of some of what B&G does, be looking to help out on the Worship & Work Day sometime this spring where we can all help get the church looking  great!


One  of the unsung but wonderful committees of our church is the Member Care  Committee. Member Care is a special group of caring people in our congregation who try to do exactly what  the name of the committee says – care of the members of the church.


They  do this in a variety of ways.   Several of them send out cards to those who are sick or grieving or make  calls. Others keep in touch with those who we may not have seen in a while.  And, of course, they provide the Cookie Baskets at Christmastime to our shut-in members or close family of church  members. These treats are always, always appreciated.


In  addition, Member Care arranges the breakfast for Easter morning, including  coming in the day before to get all the fruit cut and everything ready. That’s a lot of great work that they  do. Plus, all year long, various members make sure that our kitchen supplies of cups, plates, juice, napkins, coffee, etc are all kept up.


Speaking  of coffee, that’s a good reminder about what is probably the best known thing  Member Care does: Sunday morning Coffee Hour with the doughnuts! Yes, Member Care Committee  arranges for the doughnuts to be here each Sunday and makes sure that our donations keep the cost of the doughnuts covered. With the extra donations, they often help with children’s sermon items  for Pastor.


Member   Care usually meets on the first Thursday of each month at 11:00a.   If you can’t make the meeting, but would still like to help with some of  the Member Care activities, just let any Member Care member or Pastor know!  A wonderfully fun and active group!



Our  church’s Personnel Committee has the task of working with all of the church’s  staff for the ministry of our congregation. This means they work with all the different people who serve our church.   Of course, that means working with Pastor and all of his responsibilities and goals for our congregation.


Coordinating  with the Music Director and Christian Education Director for the different  programs and special events of the Sunday School year and the church year. Plus, making sure the Musician has all  the tools needed to bring the wonderful sounds that we too often take for granted.


Making  sure we have people to do a lot of the behind-the-scenes work, like the  Treasurer to take care of the church finances; the Custodian to keep the church  building not only looking good but in good working condition; and the Administrative people to get the bulletins and newsletters run and all those  other odds and ends that escape Pastor’s notice.


The  Personnel Committee works with all these folks not only in making sure they  have the tools to accomplish their jobs but to work out salary schedules that  benefit not only those who work for us but benefit the church. That is not always an easy task.   Thankfully, we have been blessed with great staff people who make their job a lot easier. The love and  service that so many show for the church makes the tasks of supervision and planning so much easier.


It  is a dedicated group of people who serve on the Personnel Committee.  It is one of those committees that do not have to meet for months on end and then have several meetings in a very  short time.


If  helping with the management of our ministry is something that interests you, please feel free to speak to Pastor or one of the Personnel Committee  members.


The  Worship Committee takes care of a large piece of the life of the church – some  of which we see and some of which we don’t.


Basically,  the Worship Committee is responsible for what happens in the sanctuary: the  decorations for special seasons, banners and flowers and the like.


A  lot of what happens on Sunday mornings falls to the Worship Committee.  Making sure we have bulletins and ushers and enough Bibles and hymnals that are used for service are all part of  what they do.


For  the service itself, they plan the order of worship, including Communion  celebrations and special services like Good Friday, Thanksgiving, Lent and  Christmas Eve.


The  Worship Committee tries to support the music program both in its planning and  making sure we have the resources needed for music, like keeping the instruments up, guest musicians and vocalists and the  like.


One  of their most important responsibilities is to assist in finding someone to  preach when Pastor is on vacation or on study leave. In addition, it’s often a Worship Committee member who will greet that  replacement and help them on Sunday morning.


The  Worship Committee generally meets once a month to work on coordination of these  things with assistance from Pastor, our music director and musician, several

current elders and anyone from the congregation who might be willing to think  creatively for our worship.


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