Personnel Committee    

Chairs: Ed Savage and Christine Callender

Our  church’s Personnel Committee has the task of working with all of the church’s  staff for the ministry of our congregation. This means they work with all the different people who serve our church.   Of course, that means working with Pastor and all of his responsibilities and goals for our congregation.
Coordinating  with the Music Director and Christian Education Director for the different  programs and special events of the Sunday School year and the church year. Plus, making sure the Musician has all  the tools needed to bring the wonderful sounds that we too often take for granted.
Making  sure we have people to do a lot of the behind-the-scenes work, like the  Treasurer to take care of the church finances; the Custodian to keep the church  building not only looking good but in good working condition; and the Administrative people to get the bulletins and newsletters run and all those  other odds and ends that escape Pastor’s notice.
The  Personnel Committee works with all these folks not only in making sure they  have the tools to accomplish their jobs but to work out salary schedules that  benefit not only those who work for us but benefit the church. That is not always an easy task.   Thankfully, we have been blessed with great staff people who make their job a lot easier. The love and  service that so many show for the church makes the tasks of supervision and planning so much easier.
It  is a dedicated group of people who serve on the Personnel Committee.  It is one of those committees that do not have to meet for months on end and then have several meetings in a very  short time.
If  helping with the management of our ministry is something that interests you, please feel free to speak to Pastor or one of the Personnel Committee members.